Courses taught

CS101b, Logic programming and artificial intelligence
For course material see CS101b
One term course. We will examine the practice and principles of logic programming and its application to artificial intelligence. This includes Prolog, the language and advanced programming techniques. Artificial intelligence concepts programmed in Prolog will include planning, belief systems and natural language sentence recognition. Ideally we would like to reinterpret AI ideas and mechanisms in terms of logic programming.
Units (3 - 3 - 3)

CS101 a,b,c Functional and logic programming
For course material see CS101a , CS101b , CS101c
Three term course. The functional programming segment will teach theory and principles of functional programming, artificial intelligence programming techniques, and programming in the functional languages Scheme and ML. The logic programming segment will teach advanced programming techniques, theoretical principles and implementational considerations, and advanced topics in logic programming, using Prolog.
Units (3 - 3 - 3)

CS286 Brain models and multiagent systems
For course material see CS286
Three term course.
1. Brain models of psychological phenomena, using the BAD language.
2. Multiagent systems, using virtual worlds, e.g., predator-prey systems
3. Brain models of biological systems, e.g., monkey behaviors.
4. Robocup projects
In collaboration with the instructor, students design and implement system models, and if appropriate compare with experimental findings.
Units (3 - 0 - 0), (6 - 0 - 0) or (9 - 0 - 0)